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Relationship Management Suite

As individual as your enterprise is as individual your software should be. It should fit your needs and grow as your company grows. Clearly and simply built, easy to use, and simple to maintain.

That is exactly the concept the Relationship Management Suite is based on.

Manage information - Create relations


The Relationship Management Suite as a product

Corresponding to your business model and your requirements appropriate software solutions are essential. Multiple modules form an individual set of your software suite. The Relationship Management Suite can implement complex models in a few steps to simplify your daily work, it streamlines processes and provides information faster.


The Relationship Management Suite within a project

The RM-Suite is an excellent basis to realize individual requirements. Extensive capabilities allow an individual configuration to satisfy all needs. Employing a versatile range of functions keeps the project scope small and simplifies its implementation.



The RM-Suite manages any type and any number of relations and maps associated processes.


New requirements can be integrated without any major modifications or restrictions.


Configure any information according to your needs without any programming knowledge.


For companies and workplaces of all sizes and sectors.

Hot Plugging

Integrate new features without influencing stability and performance.


Operate in different languages at the same time.

Office integration

Maintain a familiar work environment.

Campaign management

Planning and rollout of campaigns with serial mails and activity monitoring.

Form and template management

Centralized template management makes latest templates and forms available - for each document the perfect template.

E-Mail/Groupware integration

Use Outlook to transfer information into RM Suite or to provide data.

Built-in replication

Offline connection of branches, home offices and field service.

Multi-client capability

Separation of data on system level.

User administration

Users and accesses can be managed easily - sensitive information remain protected.


Quick access to important and often used addresses.



esoDigitales II - professional is supported by H&L Software on the following editions of Windows 10:
Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Education and Windows 10 Enterprise.
esoDigitales II - professional is supported on the in-market supported Windows 10 Current Branch for Business (CBB) servicing branches only and will be supported for the lifetime of the app until 12/31/2020.


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